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Tube Settler

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Specification of Tube Settler

Tube Settler Is The Arrangement Of Tube (Sleeve) With A Slope Of 60 Degrees And Is Used To Increase The Capacity Of Clarifier (Settling Pond) In Water Treatment Or Wastewater. Tube Settlers Made ​​Of Corrugated Pvc Sheet With A Slope Of 60 Degrees, And Fused To Form Shell-Casings Into One Block (Module). Tube Settlers Use Pvc Because Pvc Is Relatively Resistant To Chemicals, Submerged In Water And Not On (Put Out The Fire Themselves When They Burn).

- Clarifier (Settling Pond) Using Tube Settlers Have A Capacity Of 2 To 4 Times The Capacity Of Clarifier Without Tube Settlers.
- Can Save Up To 50% Coagulant Use.
- The Frequency Of Backwashing Filters Can Be Reduced Thus Saving Operating Costs, Water And Electricity.
- Tube Settler Can Be Applied To New Or Existing Clarifier