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Specification of Reverse Osmosis

A. Low Pressure System (Commonly Used In Housing)
Reverse Osmosis System Is A Pressurized Low-Pressure Less Than 100 Psig. Typically Used In Residential Areas That Use The Shelter System. Placement Tank Top (Countertop) Usually Not Pressurized; Yet Buried Tank Types (Undersink) Will Normally Pressurized Tank Increases Exponentially. Pressure System Is Able To Provide Enough Pressure To Move The Water From The Holding Tank Into The Faucet. But Unfortunately, It Will Also Create Back Pressure Against The Membrane, Which Can Decrease The Efficiency Of The System. Some Units Solve This Problem By Using A Tank Is Not Pressurized With A Pump To Get The Water That Has Been Purified When Necessary.

Low Pressure Units Typically Capable Of Producing 2-15 Gallons Per Day, With A Large Amount Of Waste Water Efficiency (Reject Water) As Much As 2-4 Gallons For Every Gallon Of Purified Water Produced. The Purity Of The Water That Is Produced Can Reach 95%. This Type Of System Is Very Affordable. This Type Of Unit Requires Maintenance In The Form Of Pre And Post Filter Replacement (Usually 1 To 4 Times Per Year), And Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement Every 2 To 3 Years, Depending On Usage.

B. High Pressure System (Commonly Used For Commercial And Industrial)
High Pressure Systems Typically Operate At Pressures Of 100 - 1000 Psig, Depending On The Membrane Used And Water To Be Treated. This System Is Typically Used For Industrial And Commercial Where It Takes A Large Volume But Still At A High Standard Of Purity.

Most Systems Use A Lot Of Commercial And Industrial Membranes Arranged In Parallel To Produce The Desired Amount Of Water. Water That Has Been Processed From The First Stage And Then Proceed To An Additional Membrane Modules To Obtain A Higher Level Of Purification. The Waste Water Produced Can Also Be Directed To The Membrane Module Erikutnya To Improve The Efficiency Of The System (See The Following Diagram Below), Although The Cleaning (Flushing) Is Still Required When The Concentration Increased To The Level Of Failure (Fouling).

High Pressure Systems For Industry Capable Of Producing 10 To Thousands Of Gallons Of Water Per Day With An Efficiency Of 1-9 Gallons Of Wastewater. Water Purity Can Reach 95%. This System Is More Complicated Than Leih And Low Pressure System.

Pt Waterindo Environment Provides Overall Product And System Both Local And Imported For All Commercial / Industrial As Well As For Housing.