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Specification of Anthracite

Anthracite Is A Type Of Coal That Is Older With Higher Carbon Characteristics And Volatile Metter Lower Than Bituminous, Lignite, Brown Cool, Colored More Shiny. Used As A Filter Media For Water Treatment Or As A Substitute For Silica Sand Used In Conjunction With Silica Sand.

Performance Anthracite As Filter Media
- Transporting Turbidity External Cavities (Void External)
- In Contrast To Activated Carbon Which Absorbs Impurities To Cavities In (Internal Voids), Then Anthracite Hold The Dirt On The Outer Cavities Between The Particles.
- Lifting Impurities Greater Than Silica Sand Anthracite Has The Outer Cavities That Can Be Much Larger Impurities.
- Menfilter From Top To Bottom Silica Filters Work Only On The Upper Bed, While Anthracite Can Menfilter From Top To Bottom Layer Bed.
- Easy To Clean (Back Wash)
- Has A High Resistance To Chemicals.

Available In Various Sizes Among Other Things:
- 8 &Times; 25 Mesh
- 8 &Times; 30 Mesh