PT Waterindo Environment - Jual Water Treatment dan Sewage Treatment dengan harga murah

PT Waterindo Environment

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Jl.Kelinci Raya no.21 Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

Pt Waterindo Environment Is The Company's Suppliers, Distributors And Contractors Who Are Engaged In Processing Water (Water Treatment) And Sewage Treatment (Sewage Treatment).

The Scope Of Work Can We Perform Include: Planning, Procurement, Installation, Assembly And Delivery Of The Goods To The Buyer Or Project Location, Installation Equipment And Completeness In Job Sites, Test, Commissioning & Operator Training, Procurement Of Spare Parts And Consumables, As Well As The Overall Procurement Of Equipment And Water Treatment Systems And Llimbah Such As Equipment, Filter Media, Chemical And Water Treatment Systems And Sewage Treatment, Ranging From Small Capacity (Housing) Up To Large Capacity (Commercial And Industrial). We Are Experienced In Performing The Installation Of The System In Most Areas Of Indonesia, Ranging From The Western Part Of The Province Of Aceh (Nad) To The Eastern Part Of Papua Province. We Are Also A Sales Representative From One Of The Vendors Of Water Treatment System And The Sewage Treatment System Is The Best In The World.
Base Or Our Philosophy Is That Good Intentions In A Passage In The 3 K As Follows:
1. Concerned About The Quality Of
2. Concern For The Security Of
3. Health Care For

Product Advantages:
1. Safety
2. Competitive Price
3. Support Technicians Are Experts In Their Field
4. Easy To Operate
5. Compact Design
6. Warranty
7. Quality No. 1
8. Spare Parts Are Guaranteed And Factory In Indonesia
9. After Sales Service

Improvement Efforts And Innovation According To The Demands Of The Global Condition Is One Of Our Commitments In Any Of Their Work Running A Strategic Role In The Market In Indonesia. We Use A Sturdy Grounding In Its Vision And Mission By Implementing Corporate Governance That Corresponds To A Global Best Practice Standards, As Well As With The Corporate Values That Had Been Owned And Understood By All Constituents, Which Is Clean, Competitive, Customer-Focused, Confident, And Commercial.

Pt Waterindo Environment Establishes Five Corporate Values That Can Become The Guidelines As Follows:
1. Clean (Clean): Professionally Managed, To Avoid Conflicts Of Interest, Uphold The Trust And Integrity. Based On The Principles Of Good Corporate Governance.
2. Competitive (Competitive): Able To Compete In A Regional And International Scale, Encouraging Growth Through Investment, Building A Culture Of Cost-Conscious And Appreciate The Performance.
3. Confident (Confidently): Plays A Role In The Development Of National Economy, Being A Pioneer In Reform Of State-Owned Enterprises, And Build Up The Nation's Pride.
4. Customer Focus (Focus On Customers): Oriented To The Interests Of Customers And Is Committed To Providing The Best Service To Customers.
5. Commercial (Commercial): Creating Added Value With A Commercial Orientation, Taking Decisions Based On The Principles Of A Healthy Business.

Becoming A Private Company In Indonesia's No. 1 Specialty Water Treatment A Reliable And Recognized Nationwide And International.

Providing Service Water Treatment Oriented To Customer Satisfaction Which Is Supported By Competent Human Resources, Equipment And Up-To-Date Methods Of Calibrated Scale Bar According To Iso/Iec 17025: 2005

Jl.Kelinci Raya no.21 Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia